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The Science Mentors (SMs) meet with COS transfers, freshmen, sophomore, juniors, and seniors to support them in establishing their science identity and help them stay connected to the College of Sciences. SMs are COS students as well and can serve as a resource by sharing their experience with students.

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Science Mentors meet with mentees at least three times a semester. Meetings can last up to 30 minutes and can be either in-person or virtual. Mentor/Mentee meetings focus on discussing academic success, campus connection, and overall wellbeing. The COS SM team also collaborates with campus resources and faculty to create and host events on these topics: academic success, career development, diversity, and wellbeing.

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The COS Science Mentoring program is not affiliated with a UTSA course and it differs from other mentoring programs. Mentees and mentors have a shared experience by being a part of the same college. Science Mentors are not tutors, nor are they advisors. SMs do not help mentees with homework and will not tell mentees which courses to take; however, they can discuss their own academic experiences with mentees.

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COS SMs can provide mentees with a wide range of college specific opportunities that encompass all Science majors such as research and career development.