These College of Sciences communication guidelines have been established to create brand identity for the college and to maintain quality and consistency in all college communication materials.

Each College of Sciences department and program is responsible for ensuring that its communication materials meet the standards set forth in this policy. When preparing any type of communication piece that will be viewed by external sources, please follow these guidelines. College of Sciences press releases will only emanate from the Office of University Communications and Marketing.

Style Guide

The College of Sciences uses The Associated Press Stylebook as its primary reference on style issues. For UTSA-specific inquiries, first check the UTSA Brand Identity Guide.

Use of University Name

In running text, the correct ways to refer to UTSA are:

  • The University of Texas at San Antonio (on first reference)
  • UTSA (on second reference)
  • the university (on third reference)

Use of College Name

The official name of the college is the UTSA College of Sciences. All college publications should display the name of the college as the overriding entity for the project. In running text, the correct ways to refer to the College of Sciences are:

  • The College of Sciences (on first reference)
  • the college (on second reference)

Use of Logo

Please remember that the college is part of the larger university and as such, the College of Sciences’ logo incorporates the official UTSA logo. In general, only the endorsed logo should be used. Copies can be downloaded at Marketing Resource Library & Logos. Please do not copy the logo from the website; the quality is not appropriate for print publications.

For more information contact:
College of Sciences Dean's Office
(210) 458-4450  |

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