MARC students are expected to complete a thesis and give an oral presentation of their completed work in the semester that they exit the program. All information regarding the thesis is presented in the MARC Honors Thesis Handbook (see below). Thesis presentations will be made on the final Friday of each semester, prior to the "Gathering to Honor Graduates." Thesis format is, essentially, identical to that of the UTSA Honors College thesis, with slight alterations to the Signature Page. You will need to have your mentor and two more faculty readers approve the thesis! Files pertinent to the MARC Thesis are included below:

Thesis Coursework

All participants must take two semesters of Departmental Honors Research (4993) credit courses. If you are not in the Honors College, you can enroll in the individual Departmental BIO 4993 courses directly at the department, although this will take some getting used to on the part of several departmental secretaries. Come talk to Dr. Taylor and she will explain it more fully to you.