The COS SSC hosts a variety of events that aims at developing the COS community, boosting students’ professional skills, and building awareness of different careers and pathways within the sciences. All students, regardless of major, are invited to attend and take advantage of these events. Events are always being added and can be found on our calendar, rowdylink, and social media platforms.

Professional Development

The Professional Development series provides professional development training to UTSA COS students. Areas of focus include communication, leadership, transferable skill sets, and career preparation. College of Sciences mentors and Campus Resources host these various events to ensure that students are prepared to work and function after their time at UTSA.

Taste of Success

Taste of Success is a presentation series that invites successful UTSA alumni and industry professionals to talk about their experiences and journeys in college that helped them get to where they are now. We also bring free food, snacks, and/or beverages you can enjoy while engaging with the presenters. The COS SSC encourages all COS students to attend these sessions so that they can learn from these professionals’ unique journeys and form connections with them and their experiences.

Wellness and Recognition

It’s okay to take a break! The COS SSC hosts a variety of events that are focused on helping students maintain their fitness, wellbeing, and social life while at UTSA. From celebrating holidays and national fun days to de-stressing through yoga and exercise, the COS SSC has consistent opportunities to get involved with fellow peers or other UTSA campus services.