The MARC (Maximizing Access to Research Careers) Program is an Honors research training program that develops its trainees as exceptional applicants and trainees for doctoral (PhD) programs in the behavioral and biomedical sciences. Trainees are also automatically admitted to the UTSA Honors College; you do not need to be an Honors student to apply.

The UTSA MARC program is funded by NIH/NIGMS MARC T34GM145507 under the NIH Training and Workforce Development (TWD) division and was developed to increase the number of underrepresented faculty and top researchers throughout the nation.

MARC supports students with ethnic, socioeconomic, and physically-challenged backgrounds. Positions are for outstanding second-, third- and fourth-year students who must have at least two years prior to graduation when admitted, who are majoring in Biology, Microbiology & Immunology, Neuroscience, Chemistry (with biomedical applications), Biochemistry, Physics (with biomedical emphasis), Psychology, Biomedical Engineering, or Chemical Engineering (with a biomedical emphasis).

All MARC trainees are admitted to the UTSA Honors College and have the option of completing Honors College requirements. Those in the College of Sciences are expected to graduate with a COS Distinction in Research. Psychology trainees should pursue Departmental Honors. Engineering trainees are expected to pursue Engineering Honors Program Admission.

All MARC participants take part in a variety of activities that build their credentials for doctoral program entry and help them to succeed once they are there.

  • They perform original scientific research at UTSA and at a summer internship at top research institutions around the country.
  • They travel to scientific conferences throughout the country and present their research findings.
  • They take courses to develop themselves in the biosciences and complete a MARC thesis.
  • They participate in activities to strengthen their leadership skills and to develop both personally and professionally.
  • They are introduced to a broad range of scientific disciplines and are provided with networking opportunities with representatives of some of the nation's top research universities.

It is the goal and the hope of program directors and staff that all of our students obtain doctoral program admission, successfully complete their degrees, and pursue satisfying research careers.

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Do you want a PhD but aren't eligible for MARC?

You’ve got two great options! -- Check out our volunteer MARC-2 Program and our Work Study Research Training Program (WSRTP).

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The UTSA MARC program is funded by NIH/NIGMS MARC T34GM145507. Publications resulting from this program should acknowledge MARC T34GM145507.

The UTSA MARC program is one of the training programs in the UTSA RISE Office. See UTSA RISE Office for details about the programs.