Financial Assistance

The APPEX Program will provide up to $8000 per year depending on need. The actual amount of the scholarship will be determined by the UTSA Financial Aid Office.

Faculty Mentors

APPEX Scholars will meet with a faculty mentor to jointly construct an Individual Development Plan and to discuss expectations and how to avoid common pitfalls. Scholars will select a mentor who will guide their research progress through completion of their degree.

Peer Mentors

Each APPEX Scholar will be assigned an upper division student guide in their area of interest. This student guide will provide advice, mentoring, and support for academic progress through the second year. After the second year, APPEX Scholars will be well connected with more advanced students who can continue this mentoring process.

Career and Research Skills Preparation

APPEX Scholars will participate in professional development activities, learn scientific communication and research skills, plus engage in well-being and resilience training.

Research Conference Attendance

APPEX Scholars will have the opportunity to attend a research conference and present their work.