Four-year stage-dependent training in well-being and STEM career development for trainees selected from among UTSA Honors students.

  • Automatic admission to UTSA COS Honors
  • Mentoring and support throughout all years


Day-long APPEX Boot Camp

Ongoing Individual Mentoring Meetings with PIs, Research Mentors, and Trainers

  • Training in personal wellness
  • Individual Development Plan review
  • Academic development and support
  • Laboratory skills building and experimental design
  • Career guidance

First Semester

  • Honors AIS section – PhD: The Other Doctor
    (foundational topics and training related to research, well-being, academic strength, research laboratory rotation, career path investigation, introduction to research as a career and the PhD, cohort building)
  • Training in well-being and emotional support

Remaining 3.5 Years

  • Program meetings, reducing in frequency over time
  • Deep training in well-being and well-being portfolio
  • Progressive entry into a UTSA research laboratory
  • Extramural summer research program
  • Conference preparation and attendance (year 3)
  • Career development and role-model speakers
  • Optional sessions on Fellowship development