The COS Student Council is a voice for COS students, advocating for improvements in physical spaces, social culture, and teaching and curriculum that will be worthwhile and impactful. See below for a brief synopsis of our history.

Timeline of Events


  • With the restructuring of the board to the COS Student Council as we know today, we're still holding opportunities for student advocacy, with a new emphasis on financially supporting science-based organizations on campus!


  • The structure for the newly named "Dean's Student Board" was updated to include representatives for each COS department, as well as pre-professional science paths.
  • During this year, the Dean's Student Board got the current layout of the 3rd floor in the Flawn Sciences building greenlit, as well as held their first Town Hall meeting!


  • Formerly the "Dean's Student Advisory Council," the COS Student Council as known upon inception was formed by approximately 18 undergraduate students.
  • At the time, the organization hosted speakers to reach out to COS students, as well as ambassadors for different events!