The College of Sciences has implemented a new process for space management. There are two critical components to this process.

  1. Formation and implementation of a Department of Space Committee
  2. Creation, evaluation, and approval of a departmental space management policy

Space Requests

The College of Sciences is committed to collaborating with the many college departments to achieve very high levels of research output. Having said that, the college itself has a very constrained amount of space, and as a result, assigning more space to departments is, at best, challenging. Faculty/staff that require additional accommodation might choose from one of two options available.

  1. Collaborate with the department chair and the COS Space Committee to determine how space can be assigned within the confines of the department’s existing footprint.
  2. Collaborate with the college and the department to establish a shared area for use by other faculty members in the department and/or other faculty members from different departments.

One of the few exceptions to this rule is requests for space that involve multiple departments or centers working together. Concerning these matters, the PI and department chair would need to coordinate their efforts directly with the assistant dean for operations.

COS Space Management Committee

  • Dr. Tracy Beasley, Assistant Dean for Operations
  • Mr. Mike Findeisen, Assistant Dean for Fiscal Administration
  • Dr. Kelly Nash, Associate Dean for Faculty Success
  • Dr. Jose Lopez-Ribot, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies

How Vacant Space in the COS Portfolio Is Managed within the Dean’s Office

Per the policy memorandum, "Management of space assigned to The Dean's Office in the College of Sciences"

  • The Associate Dean for Operations receives an email from the Department Chair or Lead Administrator informing them of vacated space and/or requesting additional space.
  • After reviewing the material, the Assistant Dean for Operations provides direction to the department chair or lead administrator, as well as any other parties that are affected.