When the duties and responsibilities of a staff position expand or change significantly, the position may be reviewed to determine whether the position's salary amount, job profile, and/or grade assignment should change. Changes to a position's salary, compensation grade, or job profile require advanced approval from the Dean’s Office first. Only the College of Sciences Dean’s Office will then approach Compensation to discuss salary changes, compensation grades, or job profiles. The COS will then follow up with the departments to discuss the best way forward.

A staff position may be considered for:

  • In-Grade Salary Adjustment – consider an increase in salary with no change in grade
  • Position Job Profile Review – review for a job profile change that does not result in a pay or compensation grade increase
  • Position Review – a thorough examination of an applicant's eligibility for a staff title, salary amount, and compensation grade assignment

A review may be initiated by the appointing authority, manager, supervisor, or employee, but it must include:

  • Approval from the supervisor, the department/division head, and the dean’s office
  • Recommendations for merit salary adjustments and in-grade or grade change salary increases must be supported by a recent performance evaluation (completed within the previous 12 months)

In-Grade Salary Adjustment

If the current compensation grade is adequate, an in-grade salary increase may be requested, but there must have been a:

  • Change in the level of duties and responsibilities
  • Outstanding performance with a higher level of functioning
  • Market-related strains (external equity)
  • External employment offers or active recruitment
  • Salary relationship misalignment (internal equity)

Position Profile Change

A request for a change in the position profile may be made when the salary and grade are congruent. This procedure allows the job profile to be better aligned with the nature of the work and/or when Compensation determines that the job profile should be changed to match the appropriate staff exemption.

Position Reviews

A position review may be requested when the level of responsibility in one or more of the following areas has significantly changed:

  • Employee supervision
  • Budgetary and/or financial matters
  • Strategic planning
  • Policy development

Or, where there has been a substantial increase in:

  • Required level of judgment
  • Required level of knowledge or skill
  • The complexity of duties and responsibilities