The College of Sciences' Communication and Website Operations Office is a component of the Dean's Office that maintains the college's interactions and communications with both internal and external clientele groups. The unit also oversees the website operations at the college and offers administrative support for college and departmental outreach programs. Additionally, the office cultivates connections with stakeholders that are mutually beneficial, which ultimately results in support for the college.

Ryan Schoensee
Senior Communications Specialist

Ryan meets the communication needs for the College of Sciences and serves as a liaison between the college and other UTSA communications and marketing offices. His duties include managing the Catalyst, the College of Sciences’ official magazine publication, producing COS Weekly, the weekly college newsletter, coordinating the college’s social media channels, and developing news stories and feature spotlights that bring value to the College of Sciences.

Patty Ramirez
Web Specialist

Patty creates and maintains websites related to the College of Sciences; these include the college website as well as several department, center, program, and lab websites (see a list of websites). She works with these areas to present a consistent and useful product that aligns with UTSA's message and standards. Patty also updates the COS Events Calendar.