Creating a Pathway for the Development of Undergraduate Math Majors and Minors in our Department

The Mathematics Department hires undergraduate math majors and minors as teaching assistants (UTAs) and these members of our department are busy assisting our undergraduate students enrolled in our STEM core classes by offering weekly targeted supplemental instruction (SI) sessions in a dedicated WeBWorK lab – called the Math Gym and located in 3.02.08 within the Flawn Science Building. Just like a gym, the WeBWorK lab will be open during the day for individual use of the "equipment" – 30 desktop computers – but it also offers group workout SI sessions for students who need structured support.

During the initial launch in Spring 2023, these SI sessions were offered for students taking Precalculus and Calculus I. In Fall 2023, the Math Gym expanded to additionally assist students in Calculus II and Calculus III. By Spring 2024, the department hopes to offer these SI sessions for Linear Algebra and Differential Equations.

More Than a Lab

The Math Gym is unique in that it's a WeBWorK lab designed to offer our STEM core students support from math majors and minors through targeted SI sessions. This means that session content will mirror course content through close collaboration with the course coordinators for the STEM core. In fact, the targeted SI sessions are not possible without the coordination of our STEM core classes, something that our department has been working towards for several years. Operating the Math Gym and an open WeBWorK lab is a unique opportunity for our department and the university to create a path to success for our math majors, minors, and ultimately for all students at UTSA.

Further, this program builds on the department's strategy for student success by increasing the number of TAs available for student support.

The vertical and horizontal alignment of curriculum, an increase in the number of TAs, and now the development of the Math Gym and WeBWorK lab is evidence of the student-centered vision for the Department and the College of Sciences which is focused on student success.

If you are an undergraduate math major or minor and interested in applying for a UTA position, please fill out an application today!

Summer 2024 Math Gym Schedule

Individual Workout Sessions (Walk-In Hours)

These hours are open for any student to walk in and get help with WeBWork problems or other questions about their course material! Students are encouraged to use this as a space to work on their homework together with Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTA) available to help. Computers are available to access WeBWork Assignments.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
12pm-5pm 12pm-5pm 12pm-5pm 12pm-5pm 12pm-3pm

UTA support will be always available during these hours for the following courses:
MAT 1093 (Pre-Calculus), MAT 1214 (Calculus I)
Depending on UTA availability, support will also be available for the following courses:
MAT 1133 (Calculus for Business), MAT 1193 (Calculus for Biosciences), MAT 1224 (Calculus II), MAT 2214 (Calculus III), MAT 2233 (Linear Algebra), MAT 3613 (Differential Equations)

Virtual Math Gym (Online Drop-In Hours)

UTA support will also be available online Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 6-8pm at the following Zoom Link: