Problem Solving Club

The Problem Solving Club is open to all UTSA students and undergraduates students can participate in the national Putnam Competition.

Mathematical Association of America

The Mathematical Association of America is the largest professional society that focuses on mathematics accessible at the undergraduate level. Our members include university, college, and high school teachers; graduate and undergraduate students; pure and applied mathematicians; computer scientists; statisticians; and many others in academia, government, business, and industry. We welcome all who are interested in the mathematical sciences.

The mission of the MAA is “to advance the mathematical sciences, especially at the collegiate level.”

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American Statistical Association Student Chapter

American Statistical Association Student Chapter (ASA) is to inform students about various professions that involve statistics and to further the goals of those students interested in pursuing those careers. It is open to all UTSA students and to any person interested in these professions. ASA is dedicated to helping students pass actuarial exams as well as assisting in their preparation for any profession involving statistics. It also facilitates communication among students, professors, and prospective employers. The club provides a variety of activities and services to its members, including practice for each Actuarial exam, workshops to learn statistical software, and information about internships

For more information visit the ASA Rowdy Link.