Johnraymond Yanez, Class of 2021

Johnraymond Yanez

Major: Masters in Applied Mathematics–Industrial Mathematics

Current Job: Resideo as a Remote Data Scientist in Austin, TX

Job Responsibilities: “Maintain databases and provide preprocessing procedures for data pipelines into Machine Learning algorithms and statistical models. Identify trends and patterns within historical electric load data. Construct/Maintain Machine Learning algorithms for job-oriented tasks. Provide insight from the results of my models to a business environment.” -Johnraymond

Memorable moment at UTSA: “The first Machine Learning courses I took with Dr. Richardson. It laid the fundamentals on how to think of machine learning and the wide reach of application it had. It also allowed me to freely explore the subject in detail after the course was completed.” -Johnraymond

Bryan Dimler, Class of 2020

Bryan Dimler

Major: Masters in Mathematics

Current Job: University of California as a PhD student in Irvine, California

Job Responsibilities: “Student researcher in the Geometry and Topology research group (Department of Mathematics, UCI). Study differential geometry and partial differential equations under the guidance of Richard Schoen and Connor Mooney. In particular, I am interested in minimal surface problems and general relativity.” -Bryan

Memorable moment at UTSA: “Working on my Master’s Thesis with Dr. Fazly and Dr. Gui. The project shaped my current research interests and although difficult, it was a rewarding experience that helped prepare me for the expectations and challenges I face as a doctoral student.” -Bryan

Joel Fuentes, Class of 2019

Joel Fuentes

Major: Masters in Applied Mathematics–Industrial Mathematics

Current Job: Wells Fargo as a Credit Risk Specialist in San Francisco, California

Job Responsibilities: “Working with external teams to ensure decision engines execute as expected. Write own code of strategies and compare output against third party vendors. Help to increase automation in the credit decision process by optimizing logic strategies. Work to decrease credit losses by finding attributes that split risks hidden within captured data.” -Joel

Memorable moment at UTSA: “Working in and supervising the Math/Calculus labs. It was a place for all of my colleagues to meet up and discuss courses & interests we had related to the program. There was so much collaboration and I built so many friendships there. It was also what made me consider the graduate program here at UTSA.” -Joel

Carlos Acevedo, Class of 2018

Carlos Acevedo

Major: Masters in Mathematics Education

Current Job: Texas State University as a Doctoral Teaching Assistant in San Marcos, TX

Job Responsibilities: “Worked part-time with the math department as a teaching assistant. First year was responsible for running Calculus I & Calculus II labs. Currently teaching record for developmental math courses, such as elementary algebra.” -Carlos

Memorable moment at UTSA: “I ran the math club for 2 years and the community at the math department was very welcoming. First, the staff that included Esther, Brenda, and Anita were very friendly and caring making me feel at home. I was there when Dr. Norman was the chair and I always appreciated how approachable and dedicated he was to the students. Dr. Cody Patterson was my thesis chair and challenged me in such a way that for the first time, I saw my potential at achieving a doctoral degree. I will also mention the faculty that helped me throughout my years at UTSA, which were Dr. Prasad, Dr. Vega, Dr. Stamova, Dr. Richardson, Sean Beatty, Matthew Schurmann, Jonathan Brucks, (the list can go on).” -Carlos