Goal of the UTSA RISE Office

Science is about exploring the unknown and solving problems, which is done most effectively when people with different experiences and backgrounds provide their unique points of view.

The UTSA RISE Office, housed in the College of Sciences (COS), develops and implements training programs designed to broaden access to research careers. It is named to honor our long-running NIH-sponsored RISE (Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement) training program, but is an umbrella office over all of our current programs.

The RISE Office is committed to ensuring that all students are able to develop to their potential, attain their dreams to become scientists, and add their voices and talent to the U.S. scientific enterprise. From "in-house" pre-research programs to well-regarded and intensive federally-sponsored research training programs, we provide a centralized resource for all COS students to access and engage in meaningful research opportunities.


APPEX | ESTEEMED | IMSD | MARC | Rising Researchers | Transfer Academy | WSRTP

APPEX logo

Academic Personal and Professional Excellence (APPEX)

APPEX is a scholarship program that provides financial support plus transition assistance, academic support, STEM career development, and well-being and resilience training to incoming Freshman STEM majors that have been invited to join the UTSA Honors College. Scholars are encouraged to engage in research training programs and internships.

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Enhancing Science, Technology, EnginEering, and Math Educational Diversity (ESTEEMED)

ESTEEMED is a freshman and sophomore-level research training program that provides academic enrichment, financial support, faculty and peer mentoring, and training in UTSA biomedical research laboratories.

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IMSD logo

IMSD (Initiative for Maximizing Student Development) at UTSA

IMSD at UTSA is a research professional development program that provides financial and training support for doctoral students for the first three years of their training.

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MARC logo

Maximizing Access to Research Careers (MARC)

MARC is an Honors research training program that develops its trainees as exceptional applicants and trainees for doctoral programs in the behavioral and biomedical sciences. Trainees are also automatically admitted to the UTSA Honors College.

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Transfer Academy logo

STEM Transfer Pre-Research Academy

The Transfer Academy is a research training and support program designed to support and connect transitioning community college students with the UTSA research community. Participants learn advanced study skills, campus support resources, take part in laboratory tours, meet UTSA researchers, learn about research opportunities available at UTSA, and network with fellow students.

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Rising Researchers logo

UTSA COS Rising Researchers Pre-Research Training Certification Program

Rising Researchers is a research training and support program designed to provide an introduction to laboratory research and aid in a successful transition into college life.

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Work Study Research Training Program (WSRTP)

WSRTP is a research training program that allows work-study-eligible sophomore level and higher undergraduates to be paid for performing research in a UTSA research laboratory.

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