Welcome to IMSD at UTSA!

IMSD at UTSA is a three-year research professional development program that guides a diverse group of bioscience PhD students as they adjust to doctoral training and then advance in their scientific careers. IMSD training takes place in a three-year sequence of stage-specific coaching and activities that supplement their training in their primary PhD programs.

Participating PhD Programs

Students who have been accepted into one of the participating UTSA PhD programs are encouraged to apply to the IMSD at UTSA program.

Program Highlights

  • Individual and group mentoring support by program leaders, faculty, and advanced gradated students, particularly during important doctoral program milestones and transitions
  • Stipend, partial tuition*, and insurance support for up to three years
    * Your department or PI has agreed to pay the 40% of your tuition and fees not supported by IMSD
  • Workshops on the critical professional skills needed by young scientists
  • Opportunities for connection and collaboration with peers, advanced doctoral students, and PhD trainees at a sister organization
  • Funding and coaching on successful conference attendance
  • Options for completing additional training and certifications

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The IMSD at UTSA program is one of the training programs in the UTSA RISE Office. See UTSA RISE Office for details about the programs.

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