• Chemistry
 • Physics


Dr. Alfonso Apicella

Dr. Astrid Cardona

Dr. Jurgen Engelberth

Dr. David Jaffe

Dr. Richard LeBaron

Dr. Soo Chan Lee

Dr. Robert Renthal

Dr. Fidel Santamaria

Dr. Janakiram Seshu

Dr. Matthew Wanat

Dr. Nicole Wicha

  • Using Electroencephalography (EEG) to Study How the Brain Processes Language


Dr. Stephan Bach

Dr. Oleg Larionov

Dr. Ghezai Musie

Dr. Francis Yoshimoto

  • Studying the Mechanisms of Enzyme Action and Target-Oriented Synthesis

Dr. John Zhao


Dr. Mahmoud Abdelwahed

  • Developing Novel Functional Nanomaterials with Potential Application in Energy, Catalysis, Optics, Sensing, Biology, Electronics, and Environment

Dr. Ethan Ahn

Dr. Mark Appleford

Dr. Ender Finol

Dr. Wei Gao

  • Mechanical Properties and Behavior of Nano/Bio Materials; Atomistic Modeling of Materials

Dr. Marcio Giacomoni

  • Water Resources Systems Analysis, Management, and Planning

Dr. Teja Guda

Dr. Ruyan Guo

  • Solid State Device Physics; Fiber Optic Communications

Dr. Hai-Chao Han

Dr. R. Lyle Hood

Dr. Yufei Huang

  • Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Statistical Learning, and Digital Signal Processing

Dr. Amir Jafari

Dr. Mo Jamshidi

Dr. Yufang Jin

  • Analysis and Design of Control Systems; Embedded Controls for Mobile Robotics

Dr. Vikram Kapoor

Dr. Harry Millwater

Dr. Arturo Montoya

  • Safety and Reliability of Suspension Bridge Main Cables; Friction and Fracture of Corroded High Strength Steel Wires

Dr. Gabriela Romero-Uribe

  • Macromolecular Bio-Interfaces for Cell Manipulation; Biologically Inspired Drug Delivery Systems

Dr. Heather Shipley

Dr. Liang Tang

  • Nanomaterials and Biomaterials

Dr. Xiaodu Wang

Dr. Jing Yong Ye

Dr. Xiaowei Zeng

Environmental Science

Dr. Brian Laub


Dr. Hongjie Xie


Dr. Arturo Ayón

  • Materials Science of Thin Films, Microdevices, and Photovoltaics

Dr. Lorenzo Brancaleon

Dr. Liao Chen

Dr. Kathryn Mayer

Dr. Kelly Nash

Dr. Elizabeth Sooby

  • Studies of Corrosion and Materials Synthesis