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Research Scholars

CIMA research scholars and their campus co-PIs

Northeast Lakeview College
Northeast Lakeview College students

Northwest Vista College
Northwest Vista College students

Palo Alto College
Palo Alto College students

San Antonio College
San Antonio College students

St. Philip's College
St. Philip's College students

Undergraduate Research Symposium and Awards Ceremony

Julio Avalos - St. Philip's College
Synthesis and Characterization of Neodymium Fluoride Doped with Thulium Nanoparticles (NdF3:Tm3+)

Julio Avalos and poster
Julio Avalos

Mohamed Basiouny - St. Philip's College
MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry of Whole-Mounted Insects

Mohamed Basiouny and poster
Mohamed Basiouny

David Cadena - St. Philip's College
Photoresponsive Polymeric Composites Utilizing UV Light Harvesting from Upconverting Nanoplatelets

David Cadena and poster
David Cadena

Casey Crisostomo - San Antonio College
Synthesis of Silk Scaffolds for Biomaterial Applications

Casey Crisostomo and poster
Casey Crisostomo

Kristine Diaz - Northeast Lakeview College
A Steady-State Visual Evoked Potential Experiment for BCI Controller

Kristine Diaz and poster
Kristine Diaz

Chad Dixon - Northeast Lakeview College
Atomistic Modeling of Water Transport across Cellular Membranes through Aquaporins 1 and 5

Chad Dixon and poster
Chad Dixon

Victoria Galbraith - San Antonio College
Investigation into Micrometer-Scale Devices for Measuring Fluid Viscosity

Victoria Galbraith and poster
Victoria Galbraith

Priscilla Garcia - Palo Alto College
BIGH3: Roles in Osteosarcoma Cell Apoptosis

Priscilla Garcia and poster
Priscilla Garcia

Diana Godoy - Palo Alto College
The Role of Interphotoreceptor Retinoid-Binding Protein in the Cone Visual Cycle

Diana Godoy and poster
Diana Godoy

Amber Isenberg (Miller) - St. Philip's College
Utilizing a Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) Cavity Layer on an Open Microcavity Photoacoustic PC-TIR Sensor

Amber Isenberg and poster
Amber Isenberg

Kim-Brianna Lorine - San Antonio College
Adult Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Adhesion on Optically Transparent Electrodes with Electrochemically Pre-Adsorbed Type I Collagen

Kim-Brianna Lorine and poster
Kim-Brianna Lorine

Rodell Ludlow - Northeast Lakeview College
Bone Formation Changes During Mandible Defect Regeneration in a Minipig Model

Rodell Ludlow and poster
Rodell Ludlow

Amanda Martinez - Palo Alto College
Assessing Blood Brain Barrier Damage in Models of Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis

Amanda Martinez and poster
Amanda Martinez

Elida Martinez - Northeast Lakeview College
Effects of Repeated Exposure to Green Leaf Volatiles in Zea mays for Priming Plant Defense Responses against Insect Herbivory

Elida Martinez and poster
Elida Martinez

Vivian Martinez - Palo Alto College
Role of Erk2 in Bone Marrow-Derived Dendritic Cell Development and Phenotype

Vivian Martinez and poster
Vivian Martinez

Kemeth Mayfield - Northeast Lakeview College
Tessellations of Aperiodic Quasicrystal

Kemeth Mayfield and poster

Roshan Nair - Northwest Vista College
Techniques for Biomechanical Analysis of Human Bone

Roshan Nair

Joel Obregon - Northwest Vista College
Creating Three-Dimensional Models of a Myocardial Bridge

Joel Obregon and poster
Joel Obregon

Alyssa Payne - Palo Alto College
Effect of Methylene Blue on Associative Learning in the Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans

Alyssa Payne and poster
Alyssa Payne

Madison Rodriguez - Northwest Vista College
Development of Efficient Synthesis of 2-Aminoazines from N-Oxides

Madison Rodriguez and poster

Steven Stringfield - San Antonio College
Expanding the Sensing Range of ACE Lab's Block-E Type Robots

Steven Stringfield and poster
Steven Stringfield

Austin Trevino - Northwest Vista College
Modifying an ACE Lab Project to Support vSLAM Technology

Austin Trevino and poster
Austin Trevino

Brandelyn Valdez - Northeast Lakeview College
Expression of a Chimeric Recombinant Vaccine Antigen (rCPA) of Coccidioides posadasii

Brandelyn Valdez and poster
Brandelyn Valdez

Samantha Valdez - Northwest Vista College
Generation of Polyclonal Antibodies against Kanamycin Resistance Protein-Kn903

Samantha Valdez and poster
Samantha Valdez

Ernest Ytuarte - St. Philip's College
Characterization of Double Layered Anti-Corrosive Coating

Ernest Ytuarte and poster
Ernest Ytuarte