Dr. Maria LockwoodMaria Lockwood Scholarship Fund

Dr. Maria Lockwood was a student in the Cell and Molecular Biology Doctoral Program in the UTSA College of Sciences' former Department of Biology. She was also a member of the UTSA Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (RISE) research training program.

Lockwood began her education at the Universidad de los Andes in Venezuela, where she earned a medical doctorate and practiced medicine. When she arrived in the United States, she chose to go back to school at UTSA, first completing a bachelor's degree in criminal justice in May 2008 and a master's degree in biology in August 2011.

She worked with her research mentor Garry Sunter, former chair of the UTSA Department of Biology, on her project titled "Inactivation of SnRK1 by Geminiviruses multifunctional proteins AC2/C2 play an important role in the regulation of Plant Innate Immune Responses."

The Maria Lockwood Memorial Scholarship Fund has been established to support doctoral students in Integrative Biology; Molecular Microbiology & Immunology; and Neuroscience, Developmental and Regenerative Biology in their efforts to present their research projects at local, state, and national conferences. To give online, please visit the College of Sciences Donation form and choose the designation "Maria Lockwood Memorial Fund."

To give in person or by mail, please complete the COS Gift Form. Contributions may be made by check or money order payable to payable to UTSA (indicate in the memo section "Maria Lockwood Memorial Scholarship Fund") and directed to Assistant Dean for Fiscal Administration at the UTSA College of Sciences.

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