Yufeng Wang

Research in my laboratory focuses on the comparative genomics, molecular evolution, and systems biology of gene families. Approaches range from the use of cutting edge bioinformatic and genomic tools to statistical modeling and analysis based on evolution and population genetics theory. We are particularly interested in the evolutionary mechanisms and systems biology of infectious diseases and the molecular evolution of vertebrate gene families.

Evolutionary Mechanisms and Systems Biology of Infectious Diseases
We are using genomic and related data, coupled with other biochemical and microbiological information, to identify new therapeutic targets and to further study the underlying evolutionary mechanisms in diseases such as malaria.

Molecular Evolution of Vertebrate Gene Families
Our research has a particular emphasis on the age distribution and functional divergence of duplicated genes, which are believed to provide the raw material for functional novelty in higher eukaryotes. We are also interested in the association between sequence evolution and gene network regulation.