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Date Event
November 2019 Replanting Native Grasses at C.L. Browning Ranch
October 2019 San Antonio Water Systems Desalination and Clouse Wastewater Recycling Plant Tours
September 2019 Roadside Pollution and Vegetation Study
May-December 2019 Leon Creek Greenway Algae Sampling
May-August 2019 Carbon Sequestration on UTSA's Main Campus
May-August 2019 Leon Creek Greenway Invertebrate Sampling
May 2019 Leon Creek Greenway Fish Surveys
February 23, 2019 UTSA 5K Diploma Dash
Spring 2019 Graduate Seminars
2019 Tuggle Scholars and Jefferson Scholars Events
August 2018 NSF Group at the UTSA Faculty Lounge
June-September 2018 Carbon Sequestration Project along I-35
Summer 2018 In the Lab
May-September 2018

Torpedo Grass Project at C.L. Browning Ranch

May-August 2018 Aquatic Macrophyte Establishment in the San Antonio River
April-August 2018 Department Greenhouse
March 2018 Lygodium japonicum Freeze Tolerance Study
February 23, 2018 International Symposium on Aquatic Plants in Queenstown, New Zealand
October 6, 2017 UTSA College of Sciences Research Conference
July 28, 2017 Devils River Trip
May 2017 Setting Bat Detector at Cibolo Preserve
March 2017 European Pest Plant Organization Workshop
December 2016 Preparing NSF Grant Submission
June 2016 Surveying Texas Wild Rice Populations in the San Marcos River