Our laboratory is part of the group of stem cell and developmental biologists at the University of Texas at San Antonio. We study the stem cell system underlying spermatogenesis which are essential for male fertility.

A primary interest of the lab is understanding the fundamental biology of these spermatogonial stem cells, normal male germline development, and how stem cells might be used to regenerate spermatogenesis and promote animal transgenesis in nonhuman primates. We are also actively pursuing approaches to preserve fertility in prepubertal male cancer patients.

Contact Us

We are located in the Biosciences Building (BSB) on the Main Campus of the University of Texas at San Antonio. If you would like to learn more about what we do, schedule a visit to the laboratory, or inquire about working in our group, please contact Dr. Hermann.

Location: BSB 2.03.16
Office: 210-458-8047
Lab: 210-458-8048
Fax: 210-458-5658
Email: Brian.Hermann@utsa.edu

We are currently recruiting one or more PhD students and a postdoctoral fellow. Contact Dr. Hermann at the link above to inquire.