BIO Coding Club logo

BIO Coding Club

Learn about biology programming

Contact: Dr. David Senseman

Entomology Club logo

Entomology Club

Learn about insects

Contact: Sally Lent

Green Society logo

The Green Society

An environmental/sustainability focused student led organization

The Green Society works in conjunction with the Sustainability Committee, the Office of Sustainability, and the UTSA Campus Garden Club.

Plant Club logo

Plant Club

Get involved in plant-related activities and projects

Contact: Hunter Messick

Pre-Dental Society logo

Pre-Dental Society

A dentistry career focused student led organization

The Pre-Dental Society motivates, encourages, and helps advance students in their pursuit of a career in dentistry at UTSA.

Pre-Medical Society logo

Pre-Medical Society

A medical career focused student led organization

The Pre-Medical Society aims to provide opportunity and encouragement for UTSA students aspiring to be medical doctors as MDs and DOs.

Pre-Nursing Society logo

Pre-Nursing Society

A nursing career focused student led organization

The Pre-Nursing Society assists, informs, and serves as a resource to all students who are interested in the field of Nursing.

Wildlife Society logo

The Wildlife Society

A wildlife biology, conservation, and management career focused student led organization

The Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society at UTSA is a group of students that have a passion for wildlife conservation and management.