The Coalition for Regenerative Ecologies and Agriculture (CREA) is a transdisciplinary project co-led by faculty at St. Philip's College and The University of Texas at San Antonio that seeks to establish a transnational collective that will support regenerative ecological and agricultural practices with farms and cultural organizations based in San Antonio, Texas and Veracruz, Mexico.

CREA supports three different programs which provide students with hands-on learning and research experience:

  1. CREA Fellows Program (Spring)
  2. CREA Study Abroad Program in Veracruz, Mexico (Summer)
  3. CREA Farm Internships (Fall)

CREA is generously funded by a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Collaborative Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI) Education Grant.

CREA Fellows Program

The CREA Fellows Application for Spring 2024 is now live. Click the link to learn more.

CREA Study Abroad Program

The CREA Study Abroad Scholarship Application to Veracruz, Mexico is now live. Click the link to learn more.

CREA Faculty and Partners

Check out our CREA faculty and partners.