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Benchmarking Container Technologies for ARM-Based Edge Computing
Shahidullah Kaiser
January 2024

Static Source Code Vulnerability Analysis with LLM-based Generative Models
Nafis Tanveer Islam
November 2023

Neuro-Symbloic Artificial Intelligence: Improving upon Neural Algorithms Using Structured Knowledge
Suraj Singireddy
November 2023

Toward Lightweight, Energy-Efficient, and Secure DNN Inferencing on Edge Devices
Hasanul Mahmud
September 2023

Synthesis and Applications of Flow-Based Computing
Jodh Pannu
September 2023

Automated Reasoning Using Neuro-Symbolic Artificial Intelligence
Suraj Singireddy
September 2023

Computer Vision Applications on ARM-Powered Edge Devices
Osamah Alqaisi
August 2023

Trustworthy Machine Learning for Early Detection of Malicious Network Traffic
Garett Fox
August 2023

Reporting Cross-Project Failures in Build Systems
Sunzhou Huang
August 2023

Polar Sea Ice Classification and Prediction over Remote Sensing Datasets Using Spatio-Temporal and Machine Learning Techniques
Jurdana Masuma Iqrah
August 2023

Methods to Mitigate Ransomware Attacks Using Processor and Disk Usage Data
Ananda Kumar Thummapudi
August 2023

Scalable Geometric Intersection and Approximate Nearest Neighbor Similarity Search Over Large Geospatial Polygonal Datasets
Buddhi Ashan Mallika Kankanamalage
August 2023

S2DE: A Framework for Quantifying Cyber Social Engineering Email Sophistication, Susceptibility, and Defense Effectiveness
Rosana Montanez Rodriguez
August 2023

Enhanced Approaches to Detect and Mitigate Volumetric or Non-volumetric Network Attacks
Vasudha Vedula
August 2023

Friend or Foe? Evaluating Motion Sensor-Based Information Side-Channels and Covert Communication Channels on Modern Wearable Devices
Raveen Wijewickrama
August 2023

Towards Understanding the Impacts of Virtua Terrain on User Experiences in VR
Samuel Ang
June 2023

Leveraging Latent Fields
Ethan Payne
May 2023

Multimodal Feedback Techniques to Increase Accessibility of Immersive Virtual Reality
M. Rasel Mahmud
April 2023

Enhancing Depth Estimation in Adverse Lighting Scenarios for Autonomous Driving
Kebin Peng
April 2023

When and How To Protect? Modeling Repeated Interactions with Computing Services under Uncertainty
Kavita Kumari
June 2022

Tight Error Bounds for Weak Consistent Digital Line Segment Systems
Sergio Zamarripa
May 2022

Enabling 3D Applications in Public Cloud
Tianyi Liu
May 2022

Robust and Interpretable Machine Learning Models for Cancer Outcome Prediction
Nahim Adnan
April 2022

Efficiently Reconstructing Alert Trees
Eric Ficke
April 2022

Static File Path Analysis for Reliable Resource Locating
Rodney Rodriguez
April 2022

Operation and Administration of Access Control in Iot Environments
Mehnroosh Shakarami
April 2022

Towards Automatic Cybersickness Prediction, Detection and Reductions for Virtual Reality Applications
Rifatul Islam
April 2022

Towards Quantifying Website Maliciousness
Mir Mehedi Ahsan Pritom
December 2021

Utilizing Deep Neural Networks for Cybersickness Prediction, Detection and Reduction in Virtual Reality
Rifatul Islam
November 2021

Secure Infrastructure for Internet of Medical Things Using Machine Learning
Deepti Gupta
November 2021

Feasibility Analysis of Access Control Policy Mining
Shuvra Chakraborty
November 2021

Reducing False Negatives In Taint Analysis Via Hybrid Source Inference
Xueling Zhang
November 2021

When and How To Protect? Modeling Repeated Interactions with Computing Services under Uncertainty
Kavita Kumari
October 2021

A Framework for Quantifying Security Effectiveness of Cyber Attacks and Defenses
Sen He
October 2021

Robust and Interpretable Machine Learning for Cancer Outcome Prediction
Nahim Adnan
September 2021

Role Based Access Control for Software Defined Networking: Formal Models and Implementation
Abdullah Al-Alaj
July 2020

Machine Learning Approaches to Improve Security and Performance Monitoring of IoT Devices
Olumide Kayode
July 2020

Code Element Vector Representations through the Application of Natural Language Processing Techniques for Automation of Software Privacy Analysis 
John Heaps
July 2020

Aquatic Virtual Reality: Feasibility to Application
Raphael Costa
July 2020

The Usability of Interaction Methods in Augmented Reality
Brita Munsinger
May 2020

Tackling Build Failures in Continuous Integration
Foyzul Hassan
April 2020

Understanding User Interface for Intelligent Software Analysis and Exploration
Xue Qin
April 2020


Enhance Security in Cloud Computing through Virtual Machine Placement
Jin Han
November 2019

Cybersickness in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis
Imtiaz Muhammad Arafat
August 2019

Containerizing Database Queries
David Holland
August 2019

Securing Software Defined Network Infrastructure in Cloud Data Centers
Sajad Khorsandroo
July 2019

A Framework for Characterizing Cyber Attack Reconnaissance Behaviors
Richard Garcia Lebron
July 2019

Virtual Reality Disability Simulation: A Tool to Reduce Implicit Bias Towards Persons with Disabilities and a Motivation to Create Simulation
Tanvir Irfan Chowdhury
July 2019

Improving Software Reliability Via Record and Replay
Hongyu Liu
May 2019

Detecting and Preventing Common Memory Vulnerabilities in Production Software
Sam Silvestro
May 2019

Information Retrieval and Semantic Inference from Natural Language Privacy Policies
Mitra Bokaei Hosseini
May 2019

Improving Cloud Storage Performance with Adaptive Resource Management
Ridwan Rashid Noel
May 2019

Building QoS-Aware Cloud Services
Joy Rahman
April 2019


Online Malware Detection in Cloud Auto-Scaling Systems Using Performance Metrics
Mahmoud Abdelsalam
November 2018

Secure Cloud Assisted Smart Cars and Big Data: Access Control and Implementation
Maanak Gupta
November 2018

Routing Multiple Flows and Collecting Link State Information in SDN
Erdal Akin
October 2018

Attribute-Based Access and Communicaton Control Models for Cloud and Cloud-Enabled Internet of Things
Smriti Bhatt
July 2018

Postural Stability for People with Balance Impairments in Virtual and Augemented Reality
Sharif Shahnewaz Ferdous
June 2018

Performance Prediction of Parallel Applications
Rodrigo Escobar Palacios
May 2018

Study and Prioritization of Dependency-Oriented Test Code for Efficient Regression Testing
Nahid Mostafa
March 2018

Access Control Models for Cloud-Enabled Internet of Things
Asma Alshehri
March 2018

Expressive Power, Safety and Cloud Implementation of Attribute and Relationship Based Access Control Models
Tahmina Ahmed
November 2017

System Call Anomaly Detection in Mutli-Threaded Programs
Marcus Pendleton
November 2017

Performance and Accuracy Analysis of Programs Using Approximation Techniques
Riad Akram
November 2017

Anomaly-Based Debugging of Correctness and Performance Issues in Multithreaded Programs
Mohammad Alam
November 2017

Detecting Memory Model Bugs in Multi-Core and Many-Core Systems
Islam Mohammad Majharul
October 2017

Time Sensitive VM Provisioning for Resource-Constrained Clouds
Rehana Begam
August 2017

Applying Semantic Analysis for the Alignment of Natural Language Privacy Policies with Application Code
Rocky Slavin
August 2017

Approximating Application Performances in Data Centers and Simulated Machines
Mohammad S Islam
August 2017

Novel Algorithms and Metrics for Functional Discoveries from Networked Biological Data
Lu Liu
May 2017

Time Sensitive VM Provisioning for Resource-Constrained Clouds
Prosunjit Biswas
April 2017

A Holistic Approach Using Honey Communities for Cyber Event Detection and Protection in Communities and Large Distributed Organizations
James Rutherford
April 2017

Developing Tools and Algorithms in Digital Geometry
Iffat Chowdhury
July 2016

Understanding of Geometric Visibility in Polygons
Qing Wang
July 2016

Obfuscated Malware Detection and Classification
Moustafa Saleh
April 2016

Video Representation for Fine-Grained Action Recognition
Yang Zhou
April 2016

Authorization Federation in Multi-Tenant Multi-Cloud IaaS
Navid Pustchi
April 2016

Towards Understanding and Improving Gait Rehabilitation in Virtual Environments Using Latency for Mobility Impaired Persons
Gayani Samaraweera
November 2015

Content-Based EEG Data Retrieval and Annotation for Time-Locked and Continuous EEG Data
Kyung Min Su
November 2015

Attribute-Assisted Learning for Web Image Applications
Junjie Cai
September 2015

Machine Learning Approaches toward Genome-Wide CIS-Regulatory Element Discovery and Transcription Factor Binding Sites Modeling
Zhen Gao
August 2015

An Elastic Mixed-Criticality Scheduling Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems
Hang Su
August 2015

Securing Multimedia Communication in Traditional and Emerging Architectures
Ali Tekeoglu
July 2015

Algorithms for Map Construction and Comparison
Mahmuda Ahmed
July 2015

Machine Learning and Graph Theoretical Approaches toward Precise Disease Classification, Prognosis and Treatment
Md. Jamiul Jahid
June 2015

The Relentless Execution Model for Task-Uncoordinated Parallel Computation in Distributed Memory Environments
Lucas Wilson
May 2015

Hyper-Sequence-Graph Mining
Xinran Yu
April 2015

Constraints for Attribute Based Access Control with Application in Cloud IaaS
Khalid Zaman Bijon
April 2015

Task Allocation and Path Planning in Wireless Sensor and Robot Networks
Andrew Wichmann
April 2015


Understanding and Improving Motivation for Rehabilitation in Virtual Environments for Mobility Impaired Persons
Rongkai Guo
August 2014

Multi-Tenant Access Control for Cloud Services
Bo Tang
July 2014

Provenance-Based Access Control Models
Dang Nguyen
July 2014

Build and Reconstruction on Transcriptional Regulatory Network and Network-Based Disease Prediction
Chengwei Lei
June 2014

Hierarchical Distributed Loop Self-Scheduling Schemes on Cluster and Cloud Systems
Lijie Zhang
April 2014

Verifiable Delegated Computation on Outsourced Data
Qingji Zheng
April 2014

Attribute Based Access Control Models and Implementation for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service
Xin Jin
April 2014

Detecting and Characterizing Malicious Websites
Li Xu
April 2014

Access Control for Online Social Networks Using Relationship Type Patterns
Yuan Cheng
April 2014

Hierarchical Distributed Loop Self-Scheduling Schemes on Cluster and Cloud Systems
Yiming Han
April 2014

A Statistical Framework for Analyzing Cyber Attacks
Zhenxin Zhan
April 2014

Consensus Reasoning for Intelligent Web Searches
Steven O'Hara
February 2014


A Framework for Composing Security-Typed Languages
Andreas Gampe
December 2013

Algorithms and Harness Results for Measuring Similarity Using Fréchet Distance Variants
Jessica Sherette
December 2013

Formally Ensuring the Permissibility of Obligations in Security and Privacy Policies
Omar Chowdhury
December 2013

Mobile Assisted Security Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks
Baris Tas
December 2013

Energy-Efficient Fault Tolerance in Multiprocessor Real-Time Systems
Yifeng Guo
November 2013

Crosscutting Software Artifacts for Access Control
Mark Robinson
May 2013

Energy-Efficient Secure and Anonymous Communication Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Pengjun Pan
May 2013

Improving Performance and Predictability of Storage Arrays
Nihat Altiparmak
April 2013

Robust Image Representation for Classification and Retrieval
Xia Li
April 2013

Image Understanding from Web Media Resource
Jie Xiao
April 2013

Scalable Detection of Community Cyber Incidents Utilizing Distributed and Anonymous Security Information Sharing
Keith Harrison
December 2012

Privacy-Preserving Data Mining through Data Publishing and Knowledge Model Sharing
Hongwei Tian
December 2012

A Formal Framework for Analyzing Sequence Diagram
Hui Shen
December 2012

Botnets Analysis and Detection Methods Based on Network Behavior
Areej Al-Bataineh
November 2012

Privacy Preservation in Social Graphs
Lijie Zhang
April 2012

Intelligent Cache Management Techniques for Reducing Memory System Waste
Samira Khan
March 2012

Practical User Obligation Systems that Affect and Depend on Authorizations
Murillo Pontual
November 2011

Acceleration of Scientific Applications on Reconfigurable Computing Systems
Yi-Gang Tai
July 2011

Data-Driven Transforms for Exploration, Visualization and Classification of High-Dimensional Data
Dragana Veljkovic Perez
December 2010

Protecting Cryptographic Keys and Functions from Malware Attacks
Timothy Parker
December 2010

Parallelism and Error Reduction in a High Performance Environment
Anthony M. Castaldo
December 2010

Scheduling for Energy and Reliability Management on Multiprocessor Real-Time Systems
Xuan Qi
November 2010

Sidekick: Integrating Knowledge and User Belief to Enable Biological Discovery
Mark S. Doderer
August 2010

Obstacle-Avoiding Similarity Metrics and Shortest Path Problems
Atlas F. Cook IV
December 2009

Security Policy Analysis in a Trust Management Environment
Mark G. Reith
August 2009

Defending against Malicious Nodes in Closed Manets through Packet Authentication and a Hybrid Trust Management System
Rehan Akbani
August 2009

A Sublexical Unit Based Hash Model Approach for Spam Detection
Like Zhang
August 2009

Protecting Critical Secrets on Commodity Hardware and Operating Systems
Timothy Paul Parker
April 2009

Statistical Learning for Multimedia Information Retrieval and their Applications
Yijuan Lu
August 2008

New High Performance Computational Strategies for Inverse Problems with Application to Analytical Ultracentrifugation
Emre Brookes
May 2008

An In Silico Approach to Discover Transcriptional Regulatory Elements
Amitava Karmaker
May 2008

Integrated Prevention and Detection of Byzantine Attacks in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
Su (Kevin) Xu
January 2008

Game Theory Based Job Allocation/Load Balancing in Distributed Systems with Applications to Grid Computing
Satish Penmatsa
December 2007

Generalized Discriminant Analysis in Content-Based Image Retrieval
Jie Yu
May 2007

Identification of Putative Functional Elements in Regulation of Gene Expression
Kihoon Yoon
May 2007

Advancing Data Dependence Analysis in Practice
Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos
May 2007

Java Memory Compression
Mayumi Kato
May 2007

The Automatic Generation and Testing of Signal Recognition Algorithms
Kenneth Holladay
May 2007

Financial Time Series Prediction and Evaluation by Genetic Programming with Trigonometric Functions and High-Order Statistics
Roy Schwaerzel
December 2006


Techniques to Mitigate Traffic Overload and Protocol Inefficiencies in Moble Ad Hoc Networks
Saman Amendra DeSilva
December 2004

Load Balancing in Distributed Systems: A Game Theoretic Approach
Daniel Grosu
May 2004

Design and Analysis of Adaptive Routing and Transport Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Thomas David Dyer
December 2002

Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networking
Robert Castaneda
August 2000

Cooperative Web Caching: A Viability Study and Design Analysis
Sandra G. Dykes
August 2000