By the Numbers

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6000+ students

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35 degree programs

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8 departments

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300+ faculty

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53% Hispanic or Latino students

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40% first generation students

We celebrate all sciences

We value a welcoming environment that encourages a variety of voices. As a student in the College of Sciences, you will find yourself surrounded by faculty, staff, and fellow students who represent a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds. Our commitment to an empowering education includes your program of study, student support services, and extracurricular opportunities. Whether you dream of attending medical school, teaching high school biology or becoming an astrophysicist, we will tailor your undergraduate experience to your career goals. No matter who you are, we are dedicated to your success.

We are solving tomorrow's problems today

Research is an important part of advancing knowledge and educating our students. Students who participate in research develop greater problem-solving skills as well as increased confidence and independence and are more competitive graduates. Our departments are aligned with numerous research centers and institutes, including the South Texas Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Institute, Brain Health Consortium, and the Center for Innovative Drug Discovery. We are also part of UTSA's National Security Collaboration Center, an impactful government-university-industry ecosystem focused on cybersecurity, data analytics, and cloud computing. Through experiential learning and ground-breaking research, our expert faculty help students use their skills to make a difference. Learn more about our research and available opportunities.

We are world-class scientists

Our faculty epitomize the college's commitment to integrity and the common good. Their research spans the scientific gamut, from discovering new pathways in the brain's amygdala to unlocking the power of sulfur in future drug design to studying antibiotic-resistant infections. In 2019, we were named a top university in natural sciences research output and our Department of Chemistry was ranked first among young universities in the nation and 18th globally by Nature Index. Across the college, faculty members are leaders in their fields and internationally recognized for their contributions to science.

We are changing and saving lives

Science matters. We empower our students to become scientific thinkers who contribute meaningfully to their communities, both within UTSA and beyond. Our laboratories transform scientific discoveries into tangible, life-changing solutions such as strategies to treat infertility in childhood cancer survivors or studies on arctic sea ice to better understand and stop climate change. Our areas of focus include infectious diseases that have long plagued humanity, nanotechnology, cybersecurity, neurological diseases, artificial intelligence/machine learning, precision therapeutics, and smart materials.